11 May 2014

Fanfare fun

After a certain age (not mine, I hope, but I am getting close to another birthday celebration and maybe that's why age is on my mind) you don't get to experience "firsts" any more. Still, this Saturday, wanting to do something special with my boys, I ended up having more fun than they did listening to Fanfare music.

Bucharest celebrates Europe's day this weekend and we had a Fanfare Music Festival organised for the first time here. We got there early so we had first row seats and we waited patiently for the fanfare parade to reach the place where the festival was. Countries like Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, the UK and Turkey accepted the invitation to join the Romanian military band festival, consisting of Music Army Band and Music Navy Band. Their costumes were exquisite, the music was really good : Symphony No. 9 ( European Union Anthem ), Thriller, Abba and even C'eu te pego. There was dancing too, some sang while riding bikes (the Dutch, of course) and others while running ( from Italy).

There were rain drops and after a while my boys lost patience and started to clean the floors with wet wipes. And I let them just so I can stay a little bit longer. In the end, we all had fun and I'm hoping there will be another next year too.

How was your weekend? 

P.S. Playground at 1800m

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