27 May 2014

Eleanor & Park, young & in love

Remember how it was to be young and in love? Of course you are young now too and possibly in love, but the thrill, the excitement and the euphoria of having a boy touching your hand for the first time, you can only have this once. Let's not even start about the first kiss. The book "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell will serve you all these and more on a silver plate. And, the romantic side of you will definitely like it.

Let me start we the beginning. When I was mentally packing for my trip to Istanbul I considered bringing a book with me, but I said I wouldn't have the time to read and even if I do all I want to read is about Turkey to enhance my experience there. So, no book , I though first.

Second chance came when, just in time, I was reading this book review by Joanna on summer reading. And I said again no, "The fault in our stars" would be so sad and skipped on a book again.

Third time was a charmer, in the airport, the day of departure, I was looking at some magazines when I saw Eleanor & Park, the book many people were raving about in Joanna's summer reading post comments .

I don't want to say much about the book, it's that teenage love, perfect, untainted, that we secretly hope to relive just one more time as adults. But, it's really not gonna happen because there is no time like the first time. Reading the book is just as closest as it gets and that's why I am enjoying it so much.

What are you summer reads these year?

A book a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. I the movie "The fault in our stars" will come in  a cinema near you this June, so keep it in mind
Later edit: I just saw the trailer and I need to read the book like today...

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