11 May 2014

Childhood nostalgia- chestnut in bloom

The internet is raving about cherry blooming all over the world: Japan, US and many other countries. And we have our own cherry trees in Romania, but what I find really special in spring is the chestnut in bloom. It's everywhere in our neighbourhood and I personally think it's a "work of art", just like many other nature's beauties. Here below is a real "work of art", if you'd like to enjoy: "Chestnut tree in bloom" by Renoir.

Maybe I like it so much because it's childhood nostalgia again. My hometown has a very big park, Trivale Park, with a lot of chestnut alleys. I went there a lot in the weekends and had long walks with my family. Spring was special for the beautiful flowers and fall was harvest time: I picked chestnuts from the pavement and brought quite a few home to play with. Just like my boys did last autumn. History repeating. In the best possible way. It's never to late to enjoy childhood all over again!

P.S. swallow's little dress and honeysuckle

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