16 May 2014

A rainy day can be a funny day

One of the stories I read to my boys is about how nice a rainy day can turn out to be. A mice family has a little mouse who is sad because on a rainy day he can't go out and play. He considers these days the worse until his father takes him to the pool to enjoy water so he sees now that a rainy day can be a beautiful day. For my boys the best part about a rainy day is walking through puddles. So, let me tell you a funny little story...

Yesterday afternoon the rain stopped before I got to pick up my boys. Cristian had his scooter with him and never missed a puddle on our way home. We had good time, watching the snails coming out: some tiny, others big, some looked like they were having a reunion and others desperately trying to  climb the curb to go out on the street.

It was all nice and quiet enjoying the nature scenery and uneventfull, just like you'd like it to be after a busy day at work. But... at some point Cristian found a really big puddle and cheerfully ran through it with his scooter. Tudor was cheering him on the side and I explained that he might end up in the water with the speed he was running with. He got more and more excited and happy... Which was good and we enjoyed him having fun...But it was bound to happen.... He fell face down in the water and was soaking wet. The timing couldn't be more perfect. We were next to a bus stop and he made his little show when people that got off the bus were passing by. And if this was't enough his kindergarten teacher saw "the accident" too.

He didn't cry but he was a little bit pissed off and embarrassed. Me and Tudor, we were laughing and even Tudor was trying to explain him that "mommy told you so". I had fun really and it is certainly a good story to laugh about in the future.

Also, on the good side, I am hoping he learnt something out of this experience. Everything we do has consequences we need to deal with - I think this is one of the most important lessons kids have to learn. And it was really like in "real life" : I warned him from the side, give my advise, told him what could happen and then he made his choice. And when the turn out was not the best I was there to offer him a nice bath and clean his clothes. I was there for him... I think that's the best we can do as parents.

A lesson a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

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