25 April 2014

The patient and the scientist

Life with my 2 and 5 year olds is never boring and sometimes they say the funniest things. I noticed that Cristian has his "philosophical" moments at dinner table, like the other night when he asked me "Mom, I wander how you will look when you get old?". Luckily, with them around, I don't have time to ask myself this question. Tudor is having his nice thoughts before going to sleep. Let me tell you a few:

The scientist at the dinner table

Cristian was eating something for the first time, can't remember what. He looks at the food before putting it into his mouth and says
- Let's see what the taste buds are sending me
He tastes the food and continues:
- The message from the brain is good. I mean I like it. I mean this is the information the brain sends to me.
I rest speechless and proud.

Another day, on the same chair, at dinner:
- This one here, the head, is the computer, the heart is the engine and the lungs are the cleaners...
He was just explaining me how the body works.

Again, at dinner, two days ago
- Mom, water has crystals.
- Really? I didn't know that...
He pauses to take another bite, I totally forget about this as he tells me:
- Mommy, I think your mother didn't put you in a good kindergarten.
- Why do you say so? I ask in surprise
- Because you don't know that water has crystals

The patient 

I don't know how to even begin to tell you how cute Tudor was the night before, while trying to find his place in bed. He was full monty from the belly down cause he wouldn't let me put his pants on, and with a really worried expression he put his little arm on his chest  and said:
- My heart is beating!
I laugh even now as I write this. Of course Cristian jumped to explain this is the way it should be since he is alive. He was not convinced, still worried and continued:
- Tomorrow, when we wake up, I will tell daddy to take me to the doctor. Because my heart is beating.

An hour later, around midnight, they were in my bed, still not asleep and talkative. After they finally calmed down, Tudor asked for water:
- Mommy, I'm thirsty.
- I don't have water here, go get it yourself from the kitchen counter.
- Cristian, will you bring me some water?
- No way, I statued myself here (ro: In niciun caz, m-am statuizat aici), said Cristian
Of course I went to get him water, what else could I do and then they finally fell asleep.

Kids a day keep the doctor away!

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