12 April 2014

Take 5 for gratitude

You may know by now that I am a huge fan of GLP. And today John Durant was saying that happiness is overrated and I totally agree cause happiness is scarce, short and sweet (this is what I am saying). A happy life is just an ideal, people can't be happy all the time. There are days when you go to sleep with a smile on your face and some when you don't. And sometimes you feel that the bed things are weighing more than the good things which are rapidly undermined. That is why from time to time, to have a good life, you need to pause for 5 minutes (take 5) and be grateful for the good things in your life. Here is what I am particularly grateful for today:

Lilac is in bloom all around my block and it smells divine.

Source: Mirror

This week I've been following the British royal family on their tour in Australia. Isn't Prince George so cute! He is the only one that can mess with Kate's hair cause otherwise she has her personal hair dresser travelling with her. Talking about royal treatment :). And regarding the duchess: history repeating . Again. With the outfit she wore when she arrived in Australia. And as much as I value originality I think the duchess is playing smart . And has been, ever since she set her mind to get in the same collage William did. A pretty ambitious woman, don't you think ? There are tons to be said here and she might as well write a manual on how to do the impossible and get the most wanted boy on the continent.

Tim Rooke/Rex USA: Tim Graham/Getty
A good movie- Divergent. It was not my choice, but I liked it from minute 1, as it starts with an interesting social model. And I must tell you I have  new celebrity crush: Theo James and a new book waiting in line: Insurgent

And so many more: a good read on "Why you need to be interesting", my sons telling me I'm beautiful, a walk in the rain with Pufi , a nice chick lit I am currently reading, watching Romania's got talent, eating a Magnum Espresso and so much more. Little things worth sharing :).

What are the things you are grateful for these days?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. Kate again Connecting the dots


  1. I'm grateful for a morning in bed with my love girl, a good breakfast cooked in two, a walk in the park even if it is a bad weather outside, a good movie (Divergent is it a good one, and I recommend you "The way" from 2010). And I'm glad that you don't stop writing :)

    1. Anonymous, you made my day! Thanks for sharing your joys and for your nice words. I don't get that too often :)