6 April 2014

Magnum fun with kids: first ice cream of the year

For the last couple of days, it seems that winter has come back. But Friday, it was a wonderful spring day. After a long stay at home I took the boys out and we wandered the streets in our neighbourhood. Tudor was delighted to see how it "snowed" with white petals from blossomed trees; Cristian showed me some beautiful violets in a yard next to our block of flats; and I saw a lilac tree in bloom. Pufi was just running around happy to be out, too. We stopped for some grocery shopping and although I am never the one offering sweets to my boys I wanted to make an exception and I let them pick ice creams to enjoy at home.

And so we did, my boys were thrilled to have their first ice cream of 2014. I bough one for me too, Magnum Black Espresso and it was the best ice cream I had in a long time (last year I was not a fan of Magnum gold, but this year I will certainly enjoy my share of Espresso ice cream). If you like the coffee taste, vanilla cream and black chocolate, this is definitely the thing for you.

Happy kids and a great ice cream, mommy me couldn't ask for more!

An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away!

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