13 April 2014

Luxurios lazy morning

Most of the times I feel my greatest luxury is me. My boys leave me little time to myself and that's ok, there's nothing more I love than being by their side. But sometimes I need to recharge, and although I miss them desperately, I do treasure the time I have when they are away on vacation, like this weekend.

For the past 6 years it was either my boys or my work that dictated the time to wake up, or both. So being able to sleep in late this weekend was a real treat. A luxury I only have few times a year and I liked it to the max. I had my pets around playing over me and they surely enjoyed my undivided attention just as much as I enjoyed their company.

So, tell me, did you have any real treats this past weekend?

A lazy morning a day keeps the doctor away! 

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