4 April 2014

If I could wear anything this spring- Miu Miu flower coat

Although we had a pretty mild winter, this year I am embracing spring wholeheartedly. And even though I'm more of the short-leather-jacket type for spring, this coat looks too good not to sigh for it. And just like that a new "need" has just arisen. Fashion magazines have reached their target! End even if I won't go for the pricey one in the picture I think I might look for an appropriate medium-length spring coat. To make me look more lady-ish and age appropriate. Haha!

And also I am on a quest for the perfect spring nail polish. I have a light blue in mind but who knows what I will end up with.

In the meantime, I am wearing my one-and-only smile as I totally agree with Katy Perry:

"You're never fully dressed without a smile"

A smile a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

P.S. My Spring essentials

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