17 April 2014

How to act at a dinner party

There was a time when I devoured chick lit. Turns out, not so much these days. I am reading "Revenge wears Prada" and I am mostly bored. Maybe because my time is so much precious now that I don't own it anymore, and so I am more picky when I choose what to do with my "me time". However, I did find a nice piece of advice, in the book, on how to act at a dinner party . Especially since Easter is just a few days away, you may find yourself around a table you didn't necessarily want to be at. Or just simply, around new people that you are not yet comfortable with . For all these occasions just:

"Smile, act interested and show your adorable side"

It may actually be as easy as it sounds.

A dinner party a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S.and if you don't know what to wear here are 12 ways to style a white shirt: sophisticated, structured, sexy and more

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