10 April 2014

Break (free)

Sometimes you let things get to you. And "things" get to you precisely because you allow them to exist in the first place. And maybe the first time things happen you feel outraged and feel the need to talk, do something to prevent things from happening again. Second time you are angry and maybe you talk again and you still hope things will go away. And the third and the forth and counting, you almost find it "normal" because it is your reality after all.

And then it happens again and you catch a glimpse of somebody staring at you and feeling sorry for you. And you finally realize that what you possibly still can take, needs to stop. And how do you make it stop? You can only put a stop to you, only you, your presence and your feelings. So you stop and think and rethink.

While I do some soul searching, heart mending and decision making I am voluntarily stepping away from joy. So, that's my complicated way of saying I'm taking a break from this joyous place - my blog. I'll be back, that much I know.


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