3 April 2014

Back to TV series: "True Detective"

Because I was "grounded" this weekend (by my kids being sick) I looked for a new TV series to relax with, after putting the boys to bed. I read somewhere about "True detective" so, 2 days after, I was done with all 8 episodes. Yes, I admit it, I can get crazy about TV series, but you already knew this about me, didn't you?!

The start is a bit boring, meaning the first episode. Cause the start as in opening credits are so great like the one in Suits, for example. The song* is just perfect to get you in the mood of the series. What mood you may ask? Well, one part creepy because of the atrocious crimes investigated, other part interesting to see how the relationship between the 2 partners unfolds. And also, the most fascinating part to me was Rust's life philosophy and how he talks about his believes.

The 2 characters are so wonderfully different from each other and different from what you may think of them in the beginning. Matthew McCounaghey is just awesome.

The drama builds up to the last episode which was really my favorite. Justice is done and I almost thought the ending won't be that American. Well, it is, the good wins and stays alive and the last conversation between the 2 detective is poetic:
"In the beginning it was all dark" says Rust looking at the stars" It seems to me that light wins"

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

P.S. The Fall, and all other TV series
* "Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family

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