15 April 2014

12 tips for organising beauty products

Whenever my kids are away I put on my "organization specialist" hat and try to improve my habitat. This Sunday it was time for my bathroom beauty inventory. When we moved I decided to keep my corner shelf unit instead of having a cabinet because this way everything is so easy to grab. But it can get messy and it shows, so here is how it looked before my organizing adventure:

And here are my tips to get from chaos to order:
  • keep only things used at least on monthly basis and find another storage for the ones you no longer use regularly ( for me it was the baby nasal aspirator);
  • move travel-size containers and samples into a closet near the travel cosmetic bag;
  • declutter: check the expiration date and also consider the time you first opened the container because there is a limit to opening time on most beauty products;
  • keep whatever you feel safe to keep. I don't want to look at the date on my mascara because I only use it maybe once a month and so far it didn't kill me;
  • diminish the size of my trow-all container from a small basket to an even smaller heart shaped one. I keep some hair clips there, a lip balm and sometimes rings and jewelry;

  • keep the products used daily in one container close to the sink and mirror
  • put away all the combs and brushes and keep the only one I use (the other is my mother's)
  • mend and clean whatever you can. As you can see my brush is cut in 2 and I always forget to buy superglue but someday I will remember. At least I cleaned it;
  • containers: I used whatever I already had: a candle holder, a nice jar and even a plastic popcorn glass
  • throw away all my hygiene products original package and put them in more fun containers like a candle holder so that the overall look is "friendlier"
  • lastly, have each product with its own place so that it is very easy to reach and put back in order;

  • add your personal touch: a candle, an inspirational quote, fresh flowers or whatever speaks to you. For me is the front package of my "La vie est belle" Lancome parfume. It's a nice thought to start the morning with and it has some pink and some glitter. A reminder for the mommy me that even though I now have around 5 minutes to get ready in the morning I still am a girly girl at heart.

In the end, just like with the wardrobe, it's a process. I still have to find a place for my long necklaces for example. So, it's never done but at least I made some progress.  

I hope you find this useful and if you have any other tips of your own I'd love to hear from you.

Order a day keeps the doctor away!

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  1. Very nice organization tips! I need to do the same with my beauty products since they became too many! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am glad you find it useful. And the best part is that 3 months further, everything is still in order because everything has its own place.