20 March 2014

Stairway to Poenari Castle

This weekend we had another great adventure at Poenari Castle, 1480 stairs up on a cliff.
We arrived around noon so I expected Tudor to be asleep by the time we got there. Well, he wasn't, and I was really glad he had his share of fun.

Cristian was too fast for me to follow with Tudor along side so we just met him at the final destination - the ruins of the castle. Tudor was a sport, too, climbing around 500 stairs on his own.

There was a torture scene right before the entrance and Tudor was very impressed with "the statue that had paint on the face". He keeps telling us about it every day since we were there.

Tudor was sound asleep by the time we got back. It wasn't easy to carry him all the way down and, yes, I know, he will not remember any of these, like everybody around keeps telling me. However I see their joy and excitement whenever we try new things and that's what I want for them. I want them to be hungry for novelty, learning and experimenting...

I just want my kids to be happy and I need to teach them how to be happy. Isn't this the most difficult thing to learn in life?

Happy International Day of Happiness!

An adventure a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. special thanks to our friends that helped me with the kids on our way up and down
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