12 March 2014

If I could wear anything this year - Dolce & Gabbana

What's your favourite designer in the whole world? I'm sure you ask yourself this question all the time, NOT! The fashion victim in me has an answer: D&G. See how I try to put some distance between the respectable me and the bagaholic, fashion victim and other shallow parts of me?! Haha...

Anyways, the D&G FW 2014-2015 collection is fairy and dreamy and just perfect. It has something for each season or occasion and here below are my favourites:

Spring- I love the branch print on the red dress and the gold accessories. I could happily wear this today or any other day of this spring.

Summer - lately I find myself more and more attracted to yellow although I still wander if it is a match for my sand-blond hair. I would love to wear this for my birthday this year.

Fall - a nice hood makes a dress very cool. I dream of wearing this for our wedding anniversary in September.

Winter- this coat looks like Blue Riding Hood to me. It is fairy and awesome so I could wear it every single winter day.

You can see the entire superb winter collection here 

Although I will never wear any of these, picking my favourites was the closest to shopping I'll get. And it was a nice good share of day dreaming.

So, what are you day dreaming about these days?

A dream a day keeps the doctor away!

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