27 March 2014

I wanna be like her

the Sartorialist
Today I couldn't take my eyes from this super stylish woman. Looking and thinking:
  • I wanna be like her!
  • I will never be as stylish and original as her...
  • Will I ever dare to wear socks and sandals?
  • I should wear more navy.
  • Since when black and navy go together so well?!
  • How old is she?
"When you see the words “socks”, “sandals”, and “chic” in the same sentence you know fashion is going to hell in a handbag." This is one of the comments from TheSartorialist on this photo.

I don't really care about fashion but personal style, it's a different story. I love e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about this outfit: the cool cap with the elegant coat, the cool t-shirt with the elegant pencil skirt, the nice white accents on the t-shirt, socks and from her bag, the navy and black colour combination topped with the yellow on her sandals... You get my point.

So, still staring at the picture in the hope someday, one day, I will have the "style intelligence" to be as cool as her.

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

P.S. Allure: Lady in Red

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