26 March 2014

I feel spring-ty

This past weekend was a perfect combination between outdoors and indoor fun with close to zero time spent at home, just the way I like it. I really felt the spring is here and these are the things I've been enjoying in the last couple of days:
  • our first lunch on a restaurant terrace;
  • my first lemonade beer of 2014;
  • switching from hot coffee to frappe;
  • late afternoons at the playground until the night falls with Tudor's laughter in a full-speed swing and Cristian up and down the tree;

  • eating tomatoes that actually have a taste;
  • people eating ice cream in the streets;
  • the sight of a magnolia in bloom.
I feel the spring outside and the warmth that it brings inside.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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