11 March 2014

Beautiful like a ...

Some time ago I bought this styling wand because Dana shared a tutorial on how to curl your hair. It seemed so easy I thought even I can do it. Well, it turns out it is that easy. So I finally used it before we went to 2 baptism parties in the last weekends. I was so happy about my not-straight-and-thin hair that I asked A to take a picture of me. Bla...bla...

The interesting part about all this came days later when Cristian was looking through the pictures on my phone. And when he saw the one above he said to me:

"Mommy, you're beautiful like a tear drop"

I couldn't believe my ears. That may be the most bombastic and fantastic compliment anyone has ever paid me. And I felt like a princess again... A styling wand is a magic wand :)

A compliment a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. another funny story about me being the queen of my castle

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