17 March 2014

5 tips on how to blossom in spring

My home desk inventory:
  • a mauve little Ikea desk,
  • a pink mouse, 
  • yellow flowers,
  • a pen with a little Swarovsky crystal that is a souvenir from British Museum,
  • a flowery Agatha Ruiz lip balm.
What are the little things that make your life a little bit more beautiful these days? Part of my answer is pictured above.

This spring, I'm trying to go by these "rules" to make the most of the season that brings everything back to life:
  • Surround myself with beautiful things and, more importantly, beautiful people;
  • Don't wait for a special day to make any day feel special to you;
  • Don't rely on a man to make you feel loved, love yourself first;
  • Don't expect your kids to fulfil your life, follow your own passion in order to still have a purpose in life when they are out of the house and also be a good example for them;
  • Don't wait for gifts, ask for them. It goes for everything else you may want in life.
For me personally, life is a lot better since I got 2 little guys like the one below in the picture

The most beautiful gift you can give yourself is happiness. My gift to you today is a small reminder that happiness is not a given, it is a choice we consciously make every day. Make a habit to allow yourself joy and happiness will follow!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. Spring DOs

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