26 February 2014

Zippy, Pinky, Sandy

You may have noticed by now that there's a bagaholic (shopaholic for bags) hidden in me. Twice a year she needs to get out for a fresh breath of air and a brand new bag. The bagaholic, not me, I know nothing about this. It sounds a bit like bipolar disease. It is for sure some sort of a disorder but I haven't been diagnosed just yet.

Anyways, I have a build-in alert system that's bipping whenever she needs to go out and do her thing, and just like a year ago, I started getting notifications. Half way through winter I realized I don't have a new bag. Tragedy stroke! But the solution revealed quickly trough mycloset. Not, my closet, obviously cause the pleasure wouldn't have been the same.

So, last year I showed you my winter bags now it's time for my hands-free/mommy bags. I am all- things-free these days:sugrafree, hands free.

When I was young, like really young, not 33 young ( is one still young at 33 or better said mature?!), I hated the cross-body bags. Times are changing, kids are born and now I own 3:


This was a Nine West bag I saw in a magazine and went for it. The only time I bought exaclty a piece I saw featured somewhere. I bought it the same day and luckily it was on sale , too, so I paid less than the price in the magazine which was really awesome.


This Lancaster bag was worn and washed and worn ... I have it for about 8 years now. It was a present from A. when I was still in my pink phase, when we were not even married. It was my first cross-body bag . I still use it a lot, for example when I go out with the kids. It's small but enough for keys, phone and a shopping bag.


Steve Madden is in da house! I am so happy. My winter bag this season and my second on-line shopping experience. It looks just as good in my hands as it looked on line. (the name comes from the colour written on the tag- sand)

So, I'm still naming my bags (no big changes since last year) cause if you ask me, bags are a girl best friend. (since I can't buy diamonds, obviously, so I needed to find something more affordable)

A bag a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Bag Curator

P.S. Furry, Blanky, Teddy

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