28 February 2014

What is a good life for you?

"The tree of life" by Gustav Klimt
I am a huge fan of Good life project by Jonathan Fields. I have told you about some of my favorite interviews here and here. The question he asks at the end of each session is : What does a good life mean to you?" . The answers he gets from some of the most fascinating people on this planet are really awesome and beautifully diverse. Now, Jonathan has put most of these answers together in one inspiring piece: "The meaning of life"

I've seen this a couple of weeks back and since then I kept asking myself what a good life means to me. It's a tough one but I searched for an answer because I wanted it to give me focus. It has been very important for me to know what I want cause other than that, I just need to find a way to get there. And I think there is always a way.

So, about me: I treasure my freedom a lot, I get bored easily, I love spending time with my kids and loved ones, I am passionate about my blog ... How does these translate into my good life ideal?

A good life means health, change/growth, gratitude and having loved ones around to share it all with.

What is a good life to you? Even if you don't share the answer here it's worth answering the question for your heart and mind only.

A philosophical answer a day keeps the doctor away! :)

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