17 February 2014

Playground at 1800m


A week ago we spent the weekend in the mountains. From the beginning Cristian complained that we were only staying for 2 days but we tried to make the most of them.

Saturday I was determined to take the boys up in the mountains on the rope-way.  I didn't even know where to rope-way started to begin with, and the shuttle from the hotel was cancelled. But we had a nice walk there and just followed my instinct. The boys were such sports. Tudor walked for a considerable distance and then, they both stayed in line patiently while waiting for the cable tram. It was very crowded and Cristian confessed he was scared to go up there. I tried to comfort him while holding Tudor in my arms but everything went perfect right from the moment we stepped in the tram. The boys enjoyed the ride and they had great time up at 1800m above sea level. While Cristian was very adventures climbing and walking around Tudor stayed by my side and we even built a snowman with what we could find around.

On our way back we were happy to have the tram all for ourselves together with the supervisor. He was so nice telling me that I was brave to go up there all by myself with two little ones. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I comforted Cristian on our way up but I didn't have anybody to share my fears with, I just shook them away, as I normally do. But it was all worth it.

When we got down we had a pancake to celebrate and some more fun.

Traveling with kids is never easy but at the end of the day it only takes a little extra to make the day extraordinary.

P.S. last year in the mountains

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