25 February 2014

I'm the queen of my castle

If you ask me life's greatest luxury is to be able to do what you want to do at any given time. Or most of the times, that'll do too. So, one of my greatest pleasures is to take a work day off to spend it with my boys. Even if it was not on purpose but because my little one did not feel well the day before. Anyways, he was ok today and we had some very good moments together. But what I enjoyed most were the lovely conversations going on around the house.

Sunday night, bad time, lights were off

We were kissing good night when Cristian told me:
-Mom, when you kiss me I feel like... a shower of love
Minutes later I was still around waiting for them to fall asleep so I can return to my stuff. I had C's hand in my hand and he said:
- Mom, when you hold my hand like this I feel like in a puddle (balta) of love... like in a bathtub of love...

Monday morning, right after breakfast

I was cleaning the kitchen after we had breakfast and hearing what C and T were talking in the leaving room. Cristian was explaining to Tudor:
- Tudor, mom is a deity (zeita), something like a queen. It's just that a deity is more understanding and a queen is meaner (I think Snow White is where he got the part that queens are mean, as for deity, I had no idea he knew this word)
So they built me a pillow castle on the sofa and they were making plans to protect me from thieves. That's what they were doing in the picture above.

And as if this wasn't cute enough...

Monday night, bad time, lights were off

Cristian again:
- Mom, you know what I do when I miss you?
I say:
- You think of me, right?
- First, I sigh and then I draw a heart with my  finger on the bed (I think he was referring to the times when he is in kindergarten and he is in bed for his afternoon nap).

Most of the times he leaves me speechless and I feel flooded with love. With declarations of love like these he will make a girl very happy. But, until then I enjoy them for myself for as long as possible.

The deity/the queen :)

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