17 January 2014

The best place for people watching

Last Saturday we took Cristian to the skating rink in the park. It was his first time and I found myself all nervous and excited at the same time (classical mom stuff). He went on the rink with an instructor and we stayed with Tudor just outside to watch.

Maybe because of the emotions fighting in me I had quite an unexpected spiritual moment. I expected everybody on ice to be an expert when, as a matter of fact, what I saw was the spectacle of life:
  • some people were barely standing up;
  • some had friends or relatives to help them;
  • some, like C, had professional help whereas others were by themselves and used the rink sides to hold on to;
  • some were doing just fine;
  • some were even paying it further by teaching others;
  • some were quick learners, others not so much;
  • some were falling but rose and continued;
  • a little girl was crying an wanted nothing but to get out of there;
  • some didn't even want to get in for lack of interest, fear or because they staid by kids too little to skate (I was a little bit of all 3)
  • and finally there were the ones skating so nice as if they were flying millimetres above the ice. The ones that we are always admiring or envying. The ones that I enjoy looking at.
They were making some dance moves towards the end of the lesson 1
Cristian liked it so much that we came back on Sunday, too. 
The skating rink is the best place I've seen so far for people watching. You can see there different looks but, most importantly, so many different feelings frozen in time.

Saturday was a sunny wonderful winter day. And so is life, wonderful, if we find the courage to step in and bravely skate though it.

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

P.S. my visit to British Museum- another great please for people watching

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