13 January 2014

Sugarfree from quince jam

I'm still sweet free, feeling good as the sugar rush is getting further and further away from me. The only challenge was some quince jam my kids had for Sunday breakfast. I even found a reason to have some, saying to myself that it's home-made and not processed sugar but... I staid the course...

What about you? Are you eating healthy these days?

Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator


  1. totally healthy! i just finished cooking a dinner made of grilled zucchini seasoned with a bit of garlic, green beans and this lovely "dessert": http://www.cevabun.ro/compot-de-mere/ - without the sugar, obviously! :)) I highly recommend it, helps lift the spirit and avoid sugar!

    1. Way to go, girl! Eating healthy is next on my list but I need first to complete the sweet free adjusting phase