25 January 2014

Snow stranded or how to have indoors fun with kids

Since we spent the entire winter vacation at home, mostly indoors, I was a little bit worried at first that we would get bored. I needed to find ways to entertain the kids for more than 2 weeks. My worries faded little by little and we surely did some fun stuff together indoors. Now that there is a snow storm outside I am still on searching mode and the highlight of the day was playing dress-up. So here is how we "party" at home when we can't go outside:

1. Watch TV, of course. Cristian discovred the Home Alone series on TV and at some point I thought he would faint with laughter. Of course there were cartoons and other animations but none made him as happy as H. A. did

2. Play board games and cards and other games, like the one below that I used to play with my grandpa when I was a kid

3. Have long bathing playing sessions.I must warn you that this may lead to bathroom flooding but it's worth it. My boys are having tons of fun

4. Build traps cause, of course, after Home Alone our house is full of traps any time of the day

5. Or just build anything kids set their mind to like a rocket, lego ar any other "networks"

6. Make sweets/cookies together and let the kids clean the bowls. Growing up, this was my favorite part when I made sweets with my mom. And Cristian was really helpful while making tiramisu or creme brulee.

7. They also helped me with washing the salad for the smoked salad soup

8. Play with a box-  a tip I got from a friend that really paid of

9. After a walk in the neighborhood we came home with a bag of chips. To my surprise the boys stood still for 30 minutes on a box sharing the chips.

10. Dance

11. Paint, draw, do an art exhibit and invite others in the house to enjoy

12. Play dress-up, Tudor said he was a pirat and Cristian was a witch

13. Make experiments- I opened the window at some point and Cristian hurried to take some snow inside and play with it. He put it in a bowl of water, added some paper, transferred it to plastic glasses and the game continued for a considerable time.

How are you having fun these days?

P.S. my kids say crazy things

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