6 January 2014

Postvacation state of mind

Vacation is over and today was the first day back at work. It was hard staying in the office chair for 8 hours, to say the least. I felt a little bit trapped. And I refrain for further comments on my current life philosophy. I need to focus on something nice and they say consumerism saved the world. NOT, obviously. But I'm shallow and I get a little bit of joy when seeing something nice.

So, in order of appearance:

Stars aligned, wouldn't you say so?  Now, this is the question : to buy or not to buy? Will it make me feel better? Seth Godin would say so. Last year around this time I bought a feeling, remember?! A feeling that would go well with a red wallet. Haha! I feel a little bit better already.

It's nice to be blog back, that's all I need to feel good.

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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