8 January 2014

Ode to motherhood and 4 things I want to teach my kids

Bundle of ads

Today is all about motherhood and how big companies make big money by doing nice ads that celebrate motherhood. And that's ok. If nobody else does it, let them do it. Cause somebody has to do this, instead of building statues for mothers (like we say here) even if its for pecuniary reasons ( does it make me seem smart, this word?! Since yesterday I have glasses too, so I am really trying to look smart. Ha ha...)

The crazy me

Back to real life now: I'm struggling to find nice words to tell you about my not so nice start of the day. This morning my boys had a hard time waking up - which I totally get and support, but my real problem is : who supports me days like this?! Anyways, I was nervously doing my best to get everybody out of the house and I lost my temper. I had to go on the balcony for some fresh air to get myself together... So I did, and little by little, with the help of a walk back from kindergarten I am on my way to meet the joyful me.

The hardest job in the world

Days like this, motherhood is the toughest job. But it's also the best job, thanks P&G for the reminder

The 4 things I want to teach  my kids

I will never be a perfect mom and I realised today that there are only 4 things I want to teach my children:
1. I love them unconditionally. I am here for them no matter what and when, they only need to reach out to me

2. It's ok to fail. Somehow from early days we are thought to win, as if life is all about winning; it's about trying over and over again and eventually something good will come out of it 

3. Love and kindness are the best things you can offer and they come in so many forms: politeness, altruism, help, active listening and all the other nice gestures you can do for other people in the world

4. Enjoy life - life is a pursuit of happiness and even the journey has to be fun. This ad is fun and since I have 2 boys I can picture myself in a similar position in a few years from now, this time the fun comes from Old Spice 


Although these 4 seem simple on paper I don't think passing them to children is easy. Raising children never is. But there is no better time than the present to have kids, Project Sunlight from Unilever will show you why:

I call my boys my treasures. I rest my case hoping you enjoyed this little journey into motherhood with me with everything related: failure, loosing temper, happiness, success, uncertainty, worries, doing stupid things, making the world a better place for the children.

Aura- Mother of Cristian and Tudor

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