15 January 2014

How a strawberry beamed me back in my childhood

Just wanted to tell you that I am a superwoman or so I feel. When it comes to not eating sweets, cause the other areas of my life I yet have to master.

Monday afternoon I watched my husband eat a cheese cake. I sniffed it so I can enjoy the smell instead of the taste and I hanged in there. I was so determined to say no that I didn't even realize the fresh strawberries on the side were ok to eat. And you can't imagine my joy when A. told me I can eat them, because they are fruits. OMG how changing perspective can change your life, too.

Anyways, while eating my strawberry (I think it was just one cut in 4 ) I had a happiness bonus. I got "beamed" back in my childhood when my father projected 3 stories to the wall each afternoon because after 3 the machine got overheated. It was a projector that used a film with multiple slides both picture and notes to tell a kids story. I had tens of stories and I had the pleasure of picking. One of my favorites had a slide where one little girl somehow found strawberries under the doorstep rug in the middle of the winter. It's a pity I can't remember anything else from the story but that picture is very vivid in my mind still.

It's exactly middle of the winter here and I felt a little bit of that childish joy when eating my strawberry. Priceless and surely better than the cake :)

A strawberry a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. another matrix moment from my childhood and my original sugarfree challenge

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  1. well done! me too, still sugarfree!!! yay!

    1. we are both supergirls, you and I !
      Bubuta has made pasta pudding with cheese and it's one of my favourite dishes in the world and I forget to tell her not to add sugar. It's too late now so I just watch my boys enjoying it. Such a pity :)