22 January 2014

How big is your English Vocabulary?

Since I started wearing glasses one of my colleagues at work keeps telling me that I look like a teacher. So, today I thought you may like a test. How's this? Does it bring bad memories? I don't think somebody liked tests ever. But this one is stress free and in a couple of minutes you will find out how big is your English vocabulary. The scoring is done separately for native speakers and is based on other criteria as well.

So, test your English here and let me know if it was fun. They are saying that English has the most words of any language on Earth. Did you know that?

Have fun and don't cheat :)
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator


  1. If you're curious like me, I can tell you that I scored 11 400.
    What was your score?

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    Give a shot..!!