29 January 2014

Back to TV series - SHAMELESS

Remember that cute quote abut digging from the outside? Well, that's about everything cute in this series. "Shameless" is everything one can be embarrassed about in a lifetime. Every disfunctional family problem is featured in the series alongside all that's immoral and illegal. The Gallaghers are: an alcoholic father, a bipolar sometimes lesbian mother, a very responsible and attractive big sister, a genius big brother, a gay brother, a regular teenage little sister, an evil little brother and a black toddler.

Why do I like it?! Hm... it must be something broken about me, obviously. And it's also the question: how far will they go this time? And whenever it seems Shameless-ly normal (which is an infinity further from normal normal) things go crazy. Crazier than you could ever imagine. And there's not much room for imagining cause all's happening fast: crimes, abuses, drugs, etc.

Somewhere in my winter vacation I went to sleep at 5 am in the morning watching it , very close to the moment I normally wake up on a work day. What can I say? Obviously, I'm addicted again and I kind of like it...And among all the creepy things going on, their togetherness really strikes a cord in me.

Some of the critics review say:
"The charm of the show--and of the Gallagher family--is in its anarchy." Chicago Sun-Times
"Shameless is deftly adapted and surprisingly appealing, crude, funny and also touching." The New York Times

Enjoy " Shameless" shamelessly!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator and sometimes TV series addict

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