31 January 2014


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My kids are spending the intersemestrial vacation at my parents. They are away for 4 days now and I already miss them a lot. So, since I'm thinking of them all the time I thought you may also enjoy some of the funny conversations we've been having.

Little vs. Perfect

I didn't catch the beginning of this one between C and T but this is what I heard when they came to the dinner table one afternoon:
C: Tudor, I didn't mean to tell you that you are little. I wanted to tell you that you are perfect
T: I wanted to tell you that I am big
C: I just wanted to tell you that you are perfect: neither little, not big

- Tudor, eu nu voiam sa-ti zic ca esti mic! Eu voiam sa-ti zic ca esti perfect
- Eu voiam sa-ti zic ca sunt mare
- Eu voiam sa-ti zic ca esti perfect: nici mic, nici mare

Food vs. Company

We were back home and my kids were eating chips from a bag. Cristian is asking me:
- Do you know who I want to marry?
I was very curious to hear the answer, anticipating that it was not me this time.
- Chips
- Really? Do you want to marry for food or for company? I said
- For company, said he after a thinking pause.
Only after I realised that men do marry for food also. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, that's what they say, isn't it?!

Beating vs. hugging

One night, past bed time, I was trying to get my kids to sleep, so I asked Tudor to stay in bed until I go to the bathroom so I can join them after. When I get out Tudor is playing in another room and when he sees me he says to me:
- Mom, please don't beat me!
- Have I ever beaten you?
- No
- I don't want us beating each other in here
- Yes, no beating, just hugging

So, now that the weekend is here I hope you'll have one with plenty of hugs.

A hug a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

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