17 December 2013

The perfect Christmas sweater

Under the false pretext of showing you my nails this week ( nails I well know you can't actually see in detail) I'm trying to show off my new sweater.

Let's pretend it's about the nails : nude polish with glittery top coat. It's nice but actually I'm dreaming of a new oxblood shade for this Christmas. It's on his way (the red polish) but we haven't met yet :) (this was my trying "to play interesting" way of saying I am going to buy one, but haven't searched for it yet).

Back to the sweater: it has a nice red shade, a glove and a hat included, buttons on the back, a little bit of sparkle, it's a gift  and I like it more and more... So Christmasee but not in the reindeer way!

And since what we're really talking about here is sweaters, I have to show you my all time favourite Christmas sweater:

It may be that the pictures has 2 of my favourite artists but look it ! Isn't this perfect ?!

A sweater a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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