29 December 2013

Quest completed - faux leather pants

I don't appreciate any fashion must-haves, or any other MUSTs for that matter. However, for years, I've longed for some leather pants. I've been postponing the buying in the hope I will be slimmer, fitter... Luckily, at 33 I became wiser... I am far from being fit and I do realise that I may never look as good as I am looking now. I'm not getting any younger, obviously (remember the cute little girl saying this?!).

Diana Vreeland said "If you have a long nose, hold it up and make it your trademark". I don't have long legs so guess what I want to make my trademark?! Haha. (Hint: you can't see it in the picture).

Pants a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - A

P.S. the faux leather pants are from Zara, I bought them today and I am super excited to finally own a pair. I will definitely wear them for New Year's Eve.