31 December 2013

NYE state of mind

Here I go again...Yesterday I realised 2014 is coming one day earlier, on Tuesday night, I was under the impression it was Wednesday. And immediately after, that weird feeling set in. The strange feeling I get every year around New Year's Eve (NYE). These past hours I thought about it because I wanted to find the words to describe it. At first, I found it impossible but, little by little, I began to understand. It is the sad feeling one gets when parting with a loved one. Kind of the one I get whenever I leave my kids at my parents for summer vacation. I know I will enjoy the days to come (with more time to myself) but I miss them the second I leave.

I guess it's the same with 2013. It was a good year, and although I look forward to 2014, I feel strangely sad  I have to leave this year behind.

Today, Lana del Ray "Young and beautiful" got on my timeline (thanks, Simona!). It was a perfect match for my "nostalgia". The song feels a little bit sad although it's a nice happy love song. I guess it's the same with 2013. It was a happy year but now, at the end, I feel "nostalgic" about it.

"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" 

I have zero problems with getting older so my question, to shed the tears away, when a new year is wrapping up is : "Am I still loving myself?" And I think the answer remains yes, overall, as long as I use the time (each year has to offer) wisely.

I wish you will use 2014 wisely!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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