13 December 2013

Joypedia: Sweet day

Now that Cristian is back on his feet (but not fully recovered), Tudor is down with fever and I'm stuck in the house for more than a week now (with some interruptions). I am bored, trying to keep going and desperately searching in my mind for things to brighten up my day. So, I got a kick in the ass when A brought this delicious cake home. It's one of my favorite combinations in the world: apples, cinnamon and vanilla. It looks delicious too, don't you think?!

A cake a day keeps the madness away! :)
Aura - Appreciative joy curator

P.S. don't get me wrong, I know this will pass and there are much more horrible diseases out there, and I am very grateful that my kids are healthy overall,  but still...


  1. Apple cake with almonds on top? what's the receipy?

    1. It's not home made, Eliza. But i'm sure we can find similar recipe somewhere....meanwhile I find it much easier to buy one