8 December 2013

If I could wear anything #4 - Alice and Olivia

December Elle is in da house and the thing that really had me dreaming was this Alice and Olivia skirt. It has Aura written all over it but I comfort myself telling me that even if I could afford it, I wouldn't have the party to wear it. So, the conclusion I draw while reading through this month's Elle is that I desperately need a super party. The perfect occasion to dress up and put my creativity to work...

In the meantime, to tell you the truth, I haven't left the house since Thursday cause Cristian is not feeling very well. So, right now I would go out in pretty much anything I could grab from my closet. Until then I enjoy dreaming I am wearing this skirt with a simple white tee and an oversize statement necklace to balance this fabulous skirt. Do you like it?


P.S photo from here where you can see more beautiful pictures from AO shop  

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