11 December 2013

Double Santa

Cristian was very lucky yesterday. Santa came to bring him presents both at kindergarten and at a kids party afterwards.

At kindergarten the children wore Romanian traditional costumes. They were all soo cute !

At the kids party offered by daddy's firm, the fun started for them with magic (we were a little bit late because of the kindergarten  play)


The Santa who brought presents to the kids was the most authentic one I've ever seen:

The youngest party bebe there is only 3 month old. Don't they look adorable together?!

Tudor was very happy to get his present because earlier in kindergarten Santa only came for Cristian, but C was really good any shared some of the sweets with T in the car on our way to the party

Cristian recited his poem. Before leaving the house I wanted to take the little piece of paper with his role and he reassured me: "Don't worry, mommy I know it well. You'll see". And so he did...

Boys will be boys. Tudor waited for this blue car to be available half of the party so he was very happy when he finally put his hands on it

He even took his name off his shirt and stick it on the car

The houses on the playground were a "hit" also cause Tudor loves playing in them whenever he gets the chance and Cristian enjoyed blocking him in, with all the stuff he could find :)

Childhood is magic and I don't think there is a grater joy for kids than the moment Santa comes for a while in their perfect little lives.

P.S. last year's party here

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