12 December 2013

city. ballet.

Do you miss SJP? I surely do and I got really excited when I heard she produced an AOL series on New York City ballet. Of course you know who SJP is, don't you? Anyways a couple of minutes into the series I completely forgot about her and was totally fascinated by the passion, grace and strength portrayed there. You can find more about the series in NY Times 

I told you a little bit here about the episode on partnering but all of the episodes are fascinating to me and a life lessons on doing what you love in life. And doing it well. Following your passion is never easy and work is even harder:

"( ballet is) very competitive. There's a lot of factors that play into a successfully dancer's career and some of those things are beyond their control. You have to be diligent, you have to be hungry, you have to be musical, you have to be committed, you have to work hard, you have to hopefully not get injured. Nobody sits still here. Complacence does not exist at NYC ballet." Ballet Master in Chief, Peter Martins.

One hour of SJP, ballet and passionate people are a sure cocktail of joy to me.

Hope you enjoy it, too!

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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