4 December 2013

15 things to do in Winter

Although we are 4 days into December it was only today that I realized winter is here.Plenty of places to go and people to see, so here are my plans for this winter in no particular order:

  • enjoy the snow - it can be as simple as fighting with snowballs or building a snowman. Or any winter sport because there are so many to chose from;
  • eat rind ( sorici ), panettone, oranges and meat scraps ( jumari ); at least I included a fruit in this "healthy" diet;
  • see fireworks;
  • spend some time at my parents house cause it feels a little bit like a time travel back in childhood;
  • reread a favorite book from childhood. Right now I am thinking of "Elevul Dima dintr-a saptea" or "Romanul adolescentului miop" . These are 2 Romanian books, I am sure each nation has its favourites
  • go caroling
  • listen to Sting's album  "If on a winter's night"
  • revisit "Something Stupid"; Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman make my favorite Christmas video
  • buy a new pajama for New Years Eve night and some cozy slippers for all winter
  • wear something red and sequins
  • watch again my favourite movie
  • drink mulled wine and hot white chocolate
  • throw a party at my house
  • enjoy the silence, like DM is saying, take time to think of 2013 and envision 2014. I decided which are my 3 words for 2014 while listening to Chip Conley and I'll share them with you later in December. Remember lists are out, words are in :)
  • be generous, generosity has nothing to do with buying. A smile, a nice word, giving away the things I am no longer using in the house, things that can be useful to others; spending quality time with my loved ones, these are all generous things. And not only for Christmas but all winter/year round. Christmas is just a reminder that it feels good to give and we should definitely do this more often.

What are your plans for this winter?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. if you are on the warm side of the world here are the Summer DOs

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