18 November 2013

Weekend fun

We had a busy weekend just as I normally like it. With all kinds of activities both indoor and outdoor like eating out, buying my first grown up pair of glasses, and finally going to the circus on Sunday afternoon. Cristian rode a camel there so it was very special for him. But I'll just let the pictures do the talking:

Kids watching cartoons late in the night while we were watching The Voice
The pirate holding a plastic diamond that is now his favorite possession

Playing hide and seek with Minnie

Minnie and the boys

At the circus
Outdoor fun

Tudor the warrior
Have a great week full of joy!
Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator


  1. Sounds like they had an exciting weekend!

    1. Yes, they love going to the circus and they had a really great weekend. However it was quite busy and I look forward to some rest next weekend.