27 November 2013

Proud mama #2- say Thank You

I can't remember when it all started but I think it was more than a year ago when I first brought pumpkin strudel to my boys from a pastry shop I have near my work place. Now, If I forget to buy it or I am in too much of a hurry to pick my boys from kindergarten/daycare, tragedy strikes. Cristian absolutely loves it and he is very happy every time I answer positively to his question: "Mommy did you bring the pumpkin strudel? " Every yes brings a big smile to his face so I do my best to comply about twice a week.

Yesterday it was one of the happy days and as soon as we entered the house, changed and washed, boys hurried to the table to have their strudel. We were all having a nice chat when Cristian told me:
- Mommy, please say thank you to the shop where you buy this from. Say thank you for making such delicious pumpkin strudels.

I was amazed by his request and I will do so next time I'm stopping by. Days like this I am happy to feel I'm not doing such a bed job being a parent. Days like this I feel kids do listen to what I'm trying to teach them. Saying thank you and feeling grateful as early as when you are 5 made me so happy!

Proud mama,
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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  1. hello dragutza:) f interesant blogul, daca vrei sa pastram legatura da-mi de veste!!!! pupici
    ps: in momentul de fata se desfasoara un giveaway pe blogul meu, poate ca te intereseaza