29 November 2013

On partnership in ballet and in life

Marriage, if you ask me, it's the hardest thing. There are days when I am grateful for the happy feeling of family gathering together back home in the evening and there are days when I struggle to "hang in there". Marriage for me is about 3 things:

COMMITMENT is how it all starts and it needs to continue as a commitment. Imagine that the 2 partners are 2 cities and the marriage is the highway that links the 2. Sometimes you meet half way but often times the journey makes it so you are closer to A or closer to B. But in order to meet you have to "pave the way", maintain the highway (otherwise the connection is lost).

LOVE is the "secret" ingredient. I am always a bit sad that I find it so easy for me to forgive my husband. Just the other day I was thinking it must be love. It must be love that makes me feel I still wanna be by his side after nine perfectly imperfect years together. Beigbeder says love lasts three years but even he passed the milestone. When you are in a relationship every day can be a milestone, it's only with love that you can pass it and build the marriage that will stand the test of time.

PARTNERSHIP: commitment is the base, love is the secret ingredient and partnership is the "technique". Marriage is a work in progress, just like any other partnership, just like partnership in ballet:

It’s not about you, it’s about making the woman beautiful
It takes true artistry to make a woman feel that safe (on stage)… you just have to have that trust

A woman that knows how to offer love and is loved in return is a beautiful woman. Same goes for men.

P.S. Altucher's post on how to screw up your marriage on purpose is funny and smart too
Photo credit Paul Kolnik via dancetabs.com 

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