13 November 2013

Girl crush

I like boys so much that I chose one to bring home and wished for 2 baby boys. My wish came true twice so now I live with a big bad boy and 2 little ones. And a male dog. 3 boys and a half in the house - that's about enough. As much as I enjoy boys I like girls too, I admire them from a distance and get inspired by their looks or brains.

Let's talk about the looks this time:

1. Have you seen the Isabel Marant for H&M add? Milla Jovovich is just perfect. I find here very beautiful although I can't point out what I like most about her. I think it's her eyes and those lips, and the perfect nose...

2. A new pixie cut + Dior Haute Couture = Love for Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen how great she looks with her "no longer Barbie like" hair...

There's something powerful yet seductive and feminine about girls with short hair. Would you try this for yourself?

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