3 November 2013

Elementary on Marriage

My Sunday midnight post, let's end the week on a positive note. Or better, realistic note. I was watching "Elementary" Saturday night. This series is sort of a sleeping pill to me, I always fall asleep. Nonetheless I got to the part where Holmes was expressing his thoughts on the "elaborate ruse of marriage". It was in the beginning, and since I really liked it here it is:

Marriage is "an unnatural arrangement which forces its participants into an unhealthy monogamy. An accretion of petty fights and resentful compromises which, like Chinese water torture, slowly transforms both parties into howling neurotic versions of their former selves"

Later on into the episode he ads: "as an institution, I think it's outlasted its usefulness by quite a large...margin.And yet I've come to appreciate the premise of partnership.It's far more intricate than I had previously imagined." - Sherlock Holmes in Elementary

What do you think? Is Sherlock right? But of course, Sherlock is always right, isn't he :)

Have a great week!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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