25 November 2013

Champions' weekend

This weekend was really great although  Friday afternoon I was bored to death. Saturday morning things started to change. We all went to a book fare and bought some exquisite coffee, books for kids and a board game for us.

After that I had 40 minutes all to myself waiting to go to a baby shower. Those 40 minutes were soo relaxing ( silence is golden when all you hear is 2 noisy little boys ) and the party afterwards was really nice too. Besides the expecting mom, I was the only mom there and I may have painted the motherhood "business" in too dark colours. I love my boys to pieces but life is tough most of the times in Parents' Land.

However there are days when stars align, friends come to visit, and even with 4 little boys in the house, 5 adults can play "Ticket to ride" for about 2 hours. Moreover, we were all first time plays but beginner's luck was on my side. I won!!!

So, if you ever wander how to play board games with a 2 month old baby in the house and other 3 boys aged: 2, 4 and 5 .... come to mama! I can share tips and tricks on how to entertain kids for the parents and how to win Ticket to Ride for the players. I am now an expert on both! Ha ha!!!

How was your weekend?

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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