6 November 2013

12 things I need to be happy

Today I left the office while continuing a work related chat on my phone. I was pretty much still working but started to enjoy the air (not so fresh, but better than the office one) ....when I got this smell. The warm teenage smell of my high school years. It must have pushed some weird buttons deep down the memory lane cause it instantly reminded me of the walks I took back then. They were long, at least 40 minutes, from high school to my home. I never walked alone, and it was my fun time after classes. Do you ever get that? That strange reminiscence that sets you up on a time travel and for a second you are back like 17 years ago? It was strange but it surely made me happy.

And since we're talking happiness here let me tell you other things I need to be happy, besides funny smells:
  1. a good hair cut and manicured nails - the minimum maintenance I need to feel put together to some extent. And a nice ring on my hand and a gloss on my lips. Ok, ok, not that minimum but still, no make up, no hair styling I guess it still qualifies for low maintenance
  2. a shopping budget - even it is just few bucks for a new nail polish. I think women find comfort in knowing that there is something in their pockets/cards they can set aside for their buying pleasure. Or maybe I am shallow but I don't want to change this yet. Maybe with age I'll get wiser and drop this materialism... Just maybe...
  3. fruits and veggies - the body is our temple and although I am not the thoughtful eater I wish I were I think some green food it's a must 
  4. guilty pleasures -that's the part where I tell you why I am not a thoughtful eater. For me is sweets or lately, a glass of Cola. I don't know what got into me...
  5. a bundle of joy - is like a set of little pleasures that one can turn to at any point for a mood change: I read magazines and blogs or watch TV series
  6. a man to love me and care for me- I will be honest here and tell you that sometimes I doubt I really need this. Life seems much easier when I imagine it without a man in my life. But that thought doesn't stay for too long in my mind and each day I choose to continue my life alongside A. Yes, that's how I see it. It's a choice we are making daily, to be involved and committed to our life partners.
  7. a celebrity crush- i am married but not blind and there are so many fine man out there. Let's face it, my heart is committed to A but my eyes still want to play sometimes...
  8. sleep - I get so nervous when I lack sleep and  I hate myself when I'm not calm and generous.
  9. inspiration - I am now cheating Godin with Altucher, my newest "kick in the ass" whenever I want to quit blogging or need help with other stuff in my life
  10. my very own thing is my blog- that pushes me to tap into my creative side, to write, to tell stories and enjoy them after. I don't know if I can call it a passion cause it's not all pleasure in the making but the outcome gives me such joy and feeling of fulfilment every day.
  11. traveling - a journey to escape the ordinary. I really need that from time to time, to get away so that I can enjoy the trip and appreciate my life more once I am back.
  12. exercising - this is something that would surely make me feel complete but somehow I can't get around to doing it. yet. I still hope that somehow, someday it will be back my life...
Every day I try to choose happiness and fun. At the end having fun it's all that matters and making fun of yourself/not taking yourself seriously is a good start. Like I did here with this happiness exercise.

What about you? What do you need to be happy?

P.S. the only thing that I really pray and wish for is health for my family and friends. The rest is secondary for me and it's just a simple matter of choice...

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