16 October 2013

Why I liked INFERNO by Dan Brown

I read all books written by Coelho, Dan Brown and Elisabeth Gilbert among others. So, that's the kind of girl I am. If you are a hipster reader oriented on literature books as opposed to commercial books, this is not the book nor the review for you.

I know there are a lot of negative reviews and people who don't even try it because it has great public success. I am on the other side, if a book sells millions and so many people buy it chances are I will enjoy it too. So I did and let me tell you why:
  • "Reading Inferno is like surfing through Wikipedia entries on Florence, Venice and Istanbul" - says a negative review. For me this was pleasant. I like travelling a lot but I don't get to travel as much as I would like to. So, until my next vacation, I enjoy any virtual trip a book has to offer. Moreover, I was lucky to visit Venice and Istanbul for real so Florence is now on my waiting list.
  • Although the reading may become a little bit boring at first, the pace is quickened towards the end as the mystery unfolds.
  • The feminine character comes with a twist in this story, as opposed to all other Brown's novels. You have to wait until the last pages to find out who she really is. I liked that, a little bit of mystery puts women in a more interesting position, don't you think so?!
  • I guess I will never read Dante's Inferno, so I enjoyed the details I got from the book on both Dante and his masterpiece. It was some sort of  Dante for dummies :)

Inferno is a little bit like 3 in 1 coffee. instant, easy pleasure. Not for "les connaisseurs" but for everybody to enjoy: travel, adventure, mystery all in one. There are also some little "bonuses", I learnt from the book the origin of word quarantine. 

One thing is for sure: "Inferno" was entertaining for me. The 2 words in one sentence , sounds weird, doesn't it?!

Did you read any great books lately?

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P.S. translators were confined to underground bunker for 2 months says dailymail here

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