28 October 2013

Weekend update

It's past midnight as I am writing this and I look forward to a new week. I have my reasons, but before getting into these details let me tell you a bit about our weekend fun in chronological order:

1. Saturday morning we went hop on and hop off with the Bucharest City Bus . It was windy up there but it was nice to feel like a tourist in your own town

2. We finally hopped off in the Old Town having a late lunch at the Divan , a Turkish restaurant. We stayed on the terrace because of the sun but the interior is so nicely decorated that I want to go back soon to enjoy it more

3. Even though the Turkish lunch was nice, it's the most simple things that we enjoyed even more for dinner: a home baked bread and some fries with sausages.

4. We watched The Voice afterwards and the kids were doing "whatever" in the meantime: Cristian watching cartoons past his normal TV hours and Tudor rolling on the flower in his beloved blanky


When you have kids weekend is not rest nor relaxation. But it's great in the morning when I get to stay in bed for a little more to read to my kids or watch them play by my side. And also, in the afternoon, when Cristian is asking: "Mommy, do I go to kindergarten tomorrow?" It's so nice to be able to answer : "No, it's weekend , family time"...

Have a contagious joyful week!

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