7 October 2013

Weekend things

I'm already 20 minutes into the new week. I started it by taking some glitter into my life. I was inspired by Gala to bring out the pink in me, the girly girl, and spare little time to express some radical self love, even if just for as little as taking care of my nails. Gala has a fascinating success story and you can find more about her from my favourite video podcast The Good Life Project here.

Yesterday we saw some funny little creatures at the circus. Penguins were the cutest:

Today, I did some ironing and as a strategy I always watch TV series to make my ironing time more enjoyable. This time I opened the TV and chose CNN because I saw Bono. I am not a fan of him nor of U2 but tonight he looked just perfect. Very put together and those glasses were just the perfect cool touch. Am I right?!

My little one just came out of the bed asking for water. Don't know why he didn't call for me. After I took him to bed and brought the water he asked me "Mommy are you coming to sleep?" . I guess I should do that now.

How was your weekend?
Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

Photo: cnn.com

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